Bud's Wood


Bud Fruehauf is the husband of my grandmother’s sister, my great uncle. Susie, Bud’s wife, kept in close contact with me after my mother died in 2001. I saw Susie last Fall at my grandmother’s birthday party. She asked if I would like some of Bud’s wood—he was getting older and having health issues. I said yes, not really knowing what to expect.

 Bud built a full woodshop in he and Susie’s West Palm Beach home, where he would make pens, small furniture, and lathe work. I don’t get to speak to Bud often, but I always thought that it was neat that he was into hands-on hobbies. About half a year later, a tractor trailer pulled up outside of my Boerum Hill, Brooklyn woodshop and started to unload a big bundle of exotic woods like birdseye maple, cocobolo, rosewood, and monkey pod.



I use Bud’s wood to handmake one-of-a-kind, Leaf & Wood cannabis rolling stations. Each is an exercise in visual and structural design. I love working with with the exotics, playing with color and grain, and using my research into joinery techniques and approaches to make beautiful things.


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LLS Team