Architectural Digest Design Show 2019

What an amazing time.

This idea was first floated to me by friend and fellow artist Richard Haining. I wanted the first public appearance of The Cabinet to be in a furniture store rather than a cannabis expo. Richard suggested the ADDS 2019 as its more of a higher level show as far as presentations go. I applied in the fall, and after a few phone call questions from the organizers, I was accepted.

I spent a few months planning the show and building a second style cabinet. This one meant to be a cloning cabinet with a space for a mother plant. Or a single plant cabinet from seed to cure. With help from Parker at Curing Innovations, he hooked me up with this new hardware that handles both humidity and temp control, powerful enough for a small room. As always @lokigro had some great advice on lighting.

I could not have put on a visual presence like I did with out the help of Stephanie from Hemp Labs NYC. Both the CBD flower and the hemp plants she loaned us really got the folks excited.

Load in went super smooth. With help for my go to mover, Mike The Mover, we loaded in fast. I have to say I was quiet impressed by the Pier crew. There were hundreds of people moving creates and boxes into the show space, and everything ran pretty smooth.

Opening day was great and I met a lot of people who had some interesting questions and advice. There were several media people, designers, architects, a cannabis investor, contractors. A whole wide range of different professions.

The next three days were open to the public. Each day I had some great conversations with new people. I think I really stood out in the show. And for the people the stopped to look, I think they really loved what they saw.

Mostly I met a lot of great people who were really encouraging. Iā€™d be happy to do it again next year.