ICFF 2019

While showing at the ADDS back in March, several people asked if I would be in the ICFF show at the Davits Center in May. I had not planned on it, but after reaching out to the organizers, they were excited about the idea and found a space for me.

Since I already had the booth layout for ADDS I figured it would not be much trouble to set up of the ICFF.

Move in day was pretty easy, thanks as always to Mike D and his expert moving tactics! As was the help from the union crew, the transfer from the truck to the booth was quick and smooth.

The booth turned out to be slightly smaller than expected, so I had to change up the lay out on the fly. I was not able to fit the rolling table or any of the rolling stations I brought with me. I was ok with that as I was there to spread awareness of the luxury grow cabinets. Over all I was pretty happy with the set up.


I introduced myself to some of my booth neighbors. BK Domestic had a really nice lounger I laid in a few times. And the guys from KITN were awesome, showing some great metal hardware off.

The Sunday opening was fantastic. I met quiet a number of interior designers who were excited to see a cannabis exhibit, let alone one showing luxury grow cabinets. I was able to gather many peoples emails to add to my mailing lists and meet a few potential leads.

Like the ADDS I was really focused on spreading the brand ideas and name out there in the design field. I continue to be happy with the response I got from the show and its guests.

Each day at the start and finish I was able to walk around and see other vendors. I was really impressed with the level of product and designs of the booths. Of particular note was the set up by Adam and his crew at Amuneal I had never seen this companies work in person and it totally lived up to its level of luxury. Just beautiful.


There was another wood worker there making honey comb resin tables. I’ve seen a lot of resin furniture, I really liked these from NaturalistUS


There were several companies showcasing hardware. The choices out there for pulls and handles for cabinets is endless. I mostly always leave that choice to the clients as its so subjective, and a pull could be $10 or $800.

Sun Valley Bronze had some real dope choice to pick from. They do custom work as well, like these awesome Antlers.


So as luck would have it, the last day I did manage to find something cannabis related at the ICFF. The company Flavor Paper had a nice set up. On one wall they had their Cannabliss wall paper. A scratch and sniff wallpaper that smells like cannabis! As timing had it, I found this booth right after I smoked a joint outside, so I really couldn’t verify this as my shirt already smelled pretty loud!


On the last and final day was the conclusion of the ICFF Cares silent auction. This year benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. I was happy to donate and look forward to participating in more charity auctions as they come along. The winner of the walnut and maple Sampler was won by Yudi from Robin Baron Design These guys had the largest slab dinner table set up.over the top awesome and I wish I had a picture of it.

Robert Pettit