The Writers Block - A Collaborative Project

I was raised mostly by an artist, my father William O. Pettit III, I went to SMFA for art.

One of my favorite parts of going to art school were all the collaboration projects. Surrounded by artists of all talents and mediums. Meeting new artists and creating together.

I really lost that after leaving school. I moved to NYC where the size of the city made it hard to link up with people given my full time position as a cabinet maker in Brooklyn.

The art scene was also hard for me to integrate into. I was a bit turned off by the parties, some of the cliques, the attempt to be more knowledged in whats happening. It just turned me off really.

I focused on building cabinets and just trying to do the grind that is living in Brooklyn.

I was able to make some art over the years for myself. it became meditative to me.

Now after a decade I think I’ve finally found a project I want to really push forward, and its collaborative.

The nexus of woodworking x art x cannabis.

Like most of society I see the art world as a whole fractured into different segments. Personal art, Gallery art, Street Art, Comics, Graffiti, Museum, Amateurs, Professionals etc…..

Like most of society I also think that cannabis crosses those borders. Not all people like cannabis, not all artists like cannabis, but those that do share a love across those borders.

I’ve met countless people from all walks of life through shared experiences with cannabis. All different races, professions, religions, upbringings, class levels. All of it.

I want to meet as many artists from all walks of life to collaborate on this project. From the street to the gallery. Thats my hopes at least.

I’ve seen a lot of amazing work in my life - in galleries, in museums, pop-ups, people’s studios, and homes. I’ve also always been drawn to graffiti. Graffiti of all levels: tags, scratches, fill ins, bubble letters, train cars, bathroom stalls, murals and billboards. Some people might see a well done mural where the artist had both the time and permission to complete. They might say “now that’s beautiful, why can’t we have more of that than all this unreadable tagging?”

I’m in another camp I guess. I can see the self serving need for people to make their mark on the world. The need for attention. I take it all in, from the quick tag to the freight car bombs, those which I prefer to the permitted mural.

I also respect the drive and struggle of the gallery artist. To break into that scene and make a name for yourself continues to be hard for many fine artists to reach.

I see the scale and range of artists from the street taggers to the gallery artist and the fandom of cannabis that crosses this spectrum.

In the Writers Block series each artist gets 2 display blocks and a jar. The artist keeps the jar and one of the blocks, works on the other and sends it back or I’ll come pick it up if I can. If I’m lucky maybe can spend some time kicking it in my shop or their studio as they do the work. Share Cannabis, share Stories

The collection stays together and is not for sale. 1. I think it would be hard for an artist to get on board if I were to make money on these. 2. It deserves to stay together as a message and view of the artistic diversity that cannabis shares. The collection Itself is the art project.

I would love for this project to continue to grow. I don’t have a cap on the number of artist or a time line to complete. So if you are an artist, no toys! or knows someone who is, please let them get in touch.

Here are a few From the artist so far. I will make a post on each of these artists in due Time.

Plasma Slug is an NYC based artist, the first artist I got in touch with about his idea. He was down from the start and has been instrumental in networking and sharing the history of NYC street artists.


Legendary Philly based artist Bob Will Reign


Infamous street NYC artist DSR

Robert Pettit